Talking Points for MLA Meetings

1.       Intro, who you are

·         Where you live and how many years you’ve lived there

·         Any involvement you may have in the community

2.       Intro to business

·         When did you become an insurance broker?

·          What’s your favorite part of being a broker

·         What have been the benefits for you of being an IBAA member?

·         Concern’s clients have brought to you about insurance

·         Ask MLA if they went through a broker or agent for their insurance

General Points to Bring into the Conversation

·         The insurance industry is made up of small, local businesses like mine.

·         IBAA represents 85-90% of all insurance brokerages in the province

·         The local insurance broker is often a pillar of the community and in rural Alberta they often take on multiple roles (ie. ATB rep, registries, insurance broker etc.)

·         We are advocates for the insurance brokers and the consumer and we believe consumer choice is important

 Thank Government for Removing the Auto Rate Cap

·         We would like to thank the government for responding to our current auto industry crisis and working with us to make sure our jobs stay local.

·         The rate cap was a threat to small business in Alberta, especially in the rural areas. Most of us deal with a limited number of markets and if we lose one, then there is less choice for the consumer.

  • With the auto rate cap removed, clients are no longer subsiding poor drivers to make up the shortfall in rates.

Thank Government for Introducing Electronic Proof of Insurance

·         Alberta is the most digitally savvy province in the country and now we can store proof of insurance on our phones. We would like to thank the government for modernizing our insurance so Albertan’s can now store their insurance on their mobile devices.

Talking Points on Equivalency Exams

·         Our association has spent the last four years lobbying the government for more relevant broker’s licensing exams that will create over 100 jobs for Albertan’s.

·         Right now, a low pass rate for broker’s licensing exams combined with the limited options for acquiring a broker’s license has led to a shortage of insurance brokers in the province

·         IBAA has been working in coordination with the government to ensure regulation amendments are formalized in the fall of 2019 to recognize enhanced equivalency exams for brokers

The 2016 General Insurance Council Level 1 - 3 exams pass rates:

Level 1:    32%

Level 2 :    25-30%

Level 3:   25-30%


Amend the Insurance Agents and Adjusters Regulation (AB Regulation 122/2001) to allow for educations equivalencies to be recognized in lieu of taking the licensing examinations developed by the General Insurance Council.

Script for Meeting

I first wanted to say thank you for taking the time to meet with us. My name is ____ ______ and I’m from ________ in (Central) (Southern) (Rural) Alberta.

First, I’d like to ask you what you know about insurance brokers and IBAA.

(MLA provides answer)

I have been a broker for ______ years. I have a small business that employs _____of Albertans. My favorite part of being a broker is ________.  I have been an IBAA member for ______years. The benefits of being an IBAA member are _________.

Currently at my brokerage, clients have brought to me the following concerns.

How have you purchased your auto insurance, was it though a broker or an agent? What options were you given?